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As I drive the streets of downtown Natchitoches, I can’t deny the excitement that’s building up inside of me. All around there are Halloween decorations popping up, signaling the beginning of the holiday season and it’s time to start planning. But how could I possibly choose which events to attend when there are so many?

I’ve been considering Zoo Boo in Alexandria-the Heart of Louisiana is only about a 45-minute drive south of Natchitoches. It opens October 27 and runs through October 29. It’s open from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. each night. Going to Zoo Boo as a child, I always had the best time-getting dressed up in my Halloween costume to see all of my favorite characters as they handed me loads of delicious candy was the perfect Halloween dream! It’s an extravagant Halloween family experience.

Or maybe this is the year to try something new. The State Fair of Louisiana is coming to Shreveport on the October 27 too, and will be in town until November 13th-that gives plenty of opportunities to go. Maybe I’ll even go twice! I’ve always enjoyed fair food- all of the deep fried corndogs, and who could forget about the funnel cake? Not to mention the variety of rides and attractions they have. It’s an experience that is family friendly and welcomes people of all ages. From carousels for the little tikes to the Super Shot to give teens a thrill, it’s fun for the whole family! And parents, don’t think I forgot about you. If you’re not the thrill-seeking type, there are many fun exhibits and entertainers such as Cody Cooke & The Bayou Outlaws, the Jammin’ for Jesus Gospel Concert, Wayne Thibodeaux and much more to ensure everyone is having a grand ole’ time.

That’s only two out of the smorgasbord of events available in the partnering cities that make up the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights. It looks like I’m going to have a full calendar this holiday season, what about you?

About Charli Stanley

Charli is a current resident of Natchitoches where she attends Northwestern State University. She is the newest intern for the Louisiana Holiday Trail of Lights

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